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Service great and more importantly super tasty lovely pizzas. Thank you
Tony’s Pizzeria is my favourite pizza parlour on the Gold Coast! Love these pizzas!! 🤪
Fantastic Pizza,delivered before quoted time.
The best pizza joint in Robina. Their prices are a real bargain, considering how good the food is. My personal favourite is 'any' pizza (I won't name them all, there's about 5 I love - if it has the word "Hot" in it, I'll probably like it) and the lasagna. My girlfriend loves the vegetarian penne. What really separates them from their competitors is the customer service. The staff are really nice, and always aim to please. The delivery driver is super friendly and fast. He always seems excited to see me when he drops off the food. You have the choice to tip the driver online, I sometimes do because he's that good. The only issue I've had (and it's only happened once) was with the Zwift payment portal on their website. Be careful when using a voucher code when ordering online. If you order a Daily Deal and then enter the voucher code, it will increase the daily deal to its full regular price and take off the voucher amount. In my case it was 10%, which was basically what the daily deal was. Except now I lost out on using the 'one time only' 10% discount, and paid the same price if I don't enter the code. But that's an issue with the Zwift ordering system, and is not a reflection of Tony's. Which is awesome! Enjoy.
Have ordered pizza,s quite a few times now and can only say best service and pizza . Keep up the good pizza,s and the delivery guy is very good .cant say anymore as its all true .
Always delicious, always delivered on time!
Very very good
Best pizza on the Gold Coast, always arrives hot and they don't go light on the toppings. They also have a loyalty program too, winner!!
Great food great service would recommend
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